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For instance, Vista Sidebar XP's image tool doesn’t allow you to set the folder from which to display pictures, merely picking photos at random from your hard drive.All the Vista Sidebar XP tools are locked within a transparent bar that runs down the right-hand side of your desktop, which gets annoying after a while as there’s no way to minimize it and it ends up squashing any application window you open.

Some time ago, Microsoft Windows XP was replaced by Vista.I have checked and every one of them is still configured to update every 15 minutes but for 4 days now there have been no updates until I manually do a "Refresh All".The global RSS settings in IE are configured to check for updates every 15 minutes as well as the individual settings for each feed.Despite being a bit limited, Vista Sidebar XP represents an accurate taste of the instant-access functions you can expect in Vista.If you just can't wait to get your hands on the new Vista Sidebar, one of the new operating system's premier features, this little program should quench your thirst for the time being.

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