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, 23, was on track to graduate in the spring of 2016 with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Bonsu, who was born in Maryland, is the son of Ghanaian immigrants.

His mother and an uncle drove up from Maryland to help him appeal his restrictions, but were largely unsuccessful.

He reached out to a student group that helps minority and other underrepresented college students, explaining in an email what had happened with R.

Some also claim they have made complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards about previous marketing material promoting the lifetime storage.

In a statement the company said: "recent years of increasing service costs and the ever-increasing burdens of data security and data protection have forced us to re-evaluate," and that its current model "is not sustainable".

He was found not responsible for sexual misconduct. M.’s name in the email asking for assistance and for sending her the Facebook friend request.

The university listed Bonsu’s offense as “failure to comply with the direction of university officials.” His punishment: suspension until May 31, 2016—by which time R. was expected to graduate—and a permanent ban from living on campus.

He offered the university full access to his Facebook account and phone records.

This email got back to campus authorities, the lawsuit says, and because Bonsu had used R.

M.’s name, he received a new interim restriction: a total ban from campus.

Bonsu’s lawsuit describes the period that followed as one of extreme stress, during which he lost weight, contracted pneumonia, and was forced to drop two courses because the restrictions placed on him precluded him from attending class during his midterm exams. By then he was living back home in Maryland, sick a second time with pneumonia and in a state of emotional collapse.

His lawyer asked for the hearing to be rescheduled, but the school refused, so it went on without him.

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