Bible passage about dating and relationships

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Verses 24 through 29 tell us about God’s judgment upon a nation that crosses these boundaries.

They clearly tell us that God’s judgment for sexual sin applies to all nations, not just the covenant nation of Israel.

Furthermore, notice that Isaac had no knowledge of what Rebekah looked like or what kind of person she was prior to this event.

This points out once more that in ancient Israel sexual intercourse was marriage.Diverse cultural voices tell us that sex is a drive similar to hunger and that it is almost impossible to control.The cultural message penetrates our lives in subtle ways and affects our view of life and the Scriptures. At the end of the movie, the two heroes, two attractive Russian women, an older Russian man and woman, and two other Russian men have inadvertently launched a missile that will start World War III and end the world.There are three of them, which I call the inner, middle, and outer boundaries of godly sexuality.Verses 6 through 18 define the “inner boundary,” prohibiting sexual relationships with close relatives.

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