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A graduate student who is not the birth parent and chooses to take a leave of absence for the birth of his or her child is allowed a one month period to prepare for and take any preliminary or qualifying examinations, as well as an extension of at least one month toward normative time to degree completion, unless a longer extension is medically necessary to care for his or her partner or their child.In addition, if a graduate student in good academic standing takes a leave of absence because she is pregnant or has recently given birth, the student will return to her program in good academic standing following the leave period, subject to administrative procedures.In keeping with our mission and our commitment to biblical fidelity, all members of the University community are expected to follow the teaching of Scripture.We believe that the only authoritative and trustworthy norm for proper moral judgments is what God has revealed in his Word.

This identity, in turn, is grounded in the teachings of the Bible as understood in the Protestant Evangelical theological tradition.While some students in these circumstances may choose to leave the University temporarily, it is our hope that any student who chooses to continue in classes during the pregnancy will find Biola to be a supportive and redemptive community during this crucial time.California state law prohibits discrimination based on pregnancy in postsecondary education institutions.These include marriage of the parents, single parenthood, or offering the child for adoption.Because the Bible is clear in its teaching on the sanctity of human life, life begins at conception; we abhor the destruction of innocent life through abortion-on-demand.

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