Poor dating skills

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But with your help your child can learn strategies to have better social interactions.

Every success she has can build her self-esteem and motivate her to keep working at it.

If you know why you like someone, you are infatuated; no different from a kid who admires Graca Machel for being a first lady in two nations.

Am not saying that dating is only for those that seek love but stop being too judgy.

This mostly applies to fairer sex, which is an old school way of saying ladies. The essence of dating is to get a partner with whom to share more than sex.

You get variety and you often win more than you expect to win.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): The symptoms of ADHD can make it hard for kids to socialize.

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Here are some symptoms of SCD that make it hard to connect with others: The signs of SCD can vary at different ages.Some kids with NVLD, for instance, don’t show signs until grade school or middle school. You might start noticing that your child doesn’t seem to it when others look or sound annoyed.Or maybe he responds inappropriately in conversations.Making friends and fitting in—it’s an important part of a child’s life. But if connecting with others is a constant struggle for your child, it could be a sign of learning and attention issues.There are a few issues that make it hard to have conversations and socialize.

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