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During February a year later, Granny bakes her famed gooseberry tarts for Red to bring as a picnic treat for Violet, Beatrice, and Florence.

Upon her return, Red refrains from telling Granny that the girls were mean to her and expresses a desire to use a magic spell to gain friendship.

During the same year, Granny relents to Red's constant questions about her parents and fabricates a story about them.

Granny is based on Red Riding Hood's grandmother from the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood", and the widowed mother from the fairytale "Snow-White and Rose-Red".

She is also an allusion to the youngest kid from the fable The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids and Widow Tweed from the Disney film, The Fox and The Hound.

She tells Red that a single arrow pierced both of their hearts when hunters mistook them for a wolf during wolfstime.

In one year during January after a blizzard has passed, Granny brings a ten-year-old Red with her to the blacksmith's house, where she barters with Peter's father for arrowheads while Red has a snowball fight with Peter.

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