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Second Hand had no décor, and Jasper Johns designed the costumes, each of a single color except for the edge of the arm or leg on one side where another color enters.The second color in each costume was the primary color for another dancer’s costume, and as the dancer’s bowed, they were arranged in order to show the color succession.But Jessica Cunningham appeared to have found herself a potential suitor at the Sixty6 magazine party in London on Wednesday.Not afraid to pack on the PDA, the CBB star, 29, swooped in for a passionate smooch on the dance floor with her new man.Courtney later opened up about and said they are not a proper couple.He wrote in a tweet: “Just to clear everything up, me and Jessica have been dating since the apprentice but are not officially together.And now it's been confirmed the pair are in the "early stages" of a relationship – and are planning to go away together.

He said: "Jess and I aren’t even girlfriend and boyfriend right now, we’re just dating.The brunette beauty admitted she lived a secret life as a stripper in order to fund her first business venture.Earning as much as £1,000 a day, the 29 year old admitted the job was “fun and easy money”.I made up a fake back story so I wouldn’t have to talk about the real me.“Getting naked in front of strangers could make you feel insecure at times but for the most part I treated it as a laugh and got on with it.” Going into detail about the job, Jessica explained: “Most of the customers just wanted someone to sit and chat with and they would pay hundreds of pounds to go into a private room with me so they could have a few dances and talk. "Only a few of my close friends knew.” However, despite being unfazed by her past as a stripper, the fashion designer admitted that her parents didn’t know – and only found out as she rocketed to fame on the BBC One show.

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    There was something heartbreaking about those cards, as if Clementine had remembered that little tip from their oratory lessons at school. When she performed, she put her hair up and wore heels and all black: long skirts made out of floaty material, wide enough so she could fit the cello between her knees. She could smell her childhood, so thick and real in her nostrils: damp and mold and shame."Don't fight the panic. She stood, pulling at her skirt, which had gotten stuck to the backs of her legs.

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    But still, it was more than just that headline-making moment that had viewers talking, as their chemistry was palpable during their debut performance.

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