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The decision would likely mean Britain accepting free movement rules and paying into the EU budget until 2022 - ideas loathed by Brexit supporters.But after Theresa May's election disaster left her without an outright majority a handful of pro-Remain Tories have the power to join forces with Labour, the SNP and others to block a hard Brexit.Remain Tories warned their colleagues today Labour's policy shift on the single market meant their 'hard Brexit' plan was going 'down the pan'.After months of hesitation, the Opposition yesterday moved decisively to back continued single market membership during a transition to Brexit.This will tell us how many people live in each one.

In the five local areas surrounding Wembley Stadium, for example, people experience very different levels of air quality - with the north and east of the stadium having significantly better air quality than areas south and west.

It compares with a rise in population of 1.6m between 19• The median age of the population in England and Wales was 39.

For men, the median age was 38 and for women it was 40.

What about the gap between what the ONS thought the population was and what it is?

The ONS says it is down to the 2001 census errors - and 55% down to migration: Initial research suggests that 209,000 (45%) of the difference might be attributed to an assumed shortfall in the 2001 census day estimates which has been carried forward in population estimates through the decade.

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