Tips for dating a foreign exchange student

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USA is a country built on these, there are exactly everywhere in the US, and they will affect you on a everyday basis.

E.g on your High School, there are many rules that you never could have imagined in your own country, in some cases you maybe have to wear a school uniform, in other places, it can be a dresscode, youΒ΄ll have to dress according to a set of rules.

You really have to consider your options carefully and work out how you will budget your money.

I recommend your natural parents give you a weekly (or monthly, but I’ve seen that weekly works better) allowance.

On the day of the dinner, have everyone help with food preparation, setting the table and perhaps some cooking depending on age.

Not only will this help them feel at home, but it is a great way for you and your children to learn a new language!Maybe the town your in have a curfew for anyone under 18.As an exchange student, you will right away meet these rules.They are based on the information that I think is important to know and that can only be told to you by a fellow exchange student.There might also be some obvious tips here that I really want to stress the importance of. πŸ˜€ —————————————– TIP #1: WORK OUT YOUR METHOD OF GETTING CASH Well obviously you have to do this, but it’s really important to find a convenient way because student exchange isn’t fun without money!

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