Dating special needs children

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Talking about your own opinions and feelings calmly can help to keep the lines of communication open, and model positive ways of relating to others.Establish clear and fair family rules Clear family rules about behaviour, communication and socialising will help your child understand where the limits are and what you expect.A positive relationship with your child is a great start. You and your child are both learning how to balance growing independence with parental guidance. Show your child lots of love and support Your love and support are essential for your child’s self-esteem.It also helps to have open and positive communication in your family. Young people who feel good about themselves often have more confidence to discover who they are and what they want to do with their lives.

It’s natural to worry that if you give your child too much independence too early, your child might get involved in risky behaviour. But your child needs to make some mistakes, to explore and have new experiences.

These might be decisions about school, further study, staying out late and so on.

Your teenager’s brain continues to mature into the early 20s.

It might help to remember that your child could be confused and upset by the physical, social and emotional changes of adolescence.

Your child needs your emotional guidance and stability during this time.

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