Updating sql view

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Viewing comments in SQL Developer might not always be convenient.

It is sometimes much better to have a schema reference exported to HTML document.

option: You will be able to update comments in the last column of Columns grid. Please note this will apply all the changes you made to columns (or other table elements), including names, data types, etc. To view table comment select table and go to Details tab. To edit table comments select table, right click and choose Table Comment...: This will open table comments editor: Type in comments in Comment field and save with Apply button.

Just as in case of column comments, you can edit comments with table editor.

Any mistakes in the table name and the SQL engine will give you an error.Type in comments in Comment field and save with Apply button.Another option to edit comments is with table editor.Again, please be careful as you can change table structure by accident.option: Table level comments are available in Comment tab. Please note this will apply all the changes you made to the table design. Now that you have put descriptions into the database it's time to think how to get them out in a usable format.

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