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The ddclient is an open-source dynamic IP updater client written in Perl.If your Linux distribution does not have a recent version of ddclient, you can download the tar file here.This tutorial will show you how to configure ddclient on Raspbian and Ubuntu.Many tutorials don't explain what to do if your server is behind a router, but this one will.

Use this command to install ddclient: If you're not using namecheap, then this section will be different, but the concept is the same regardless of DNS provider.ddclient is stuck When this issue occurs, This happens most often when you're trying to update your dynamic IP address many times in too short of a period by restarting the ddclient service.In this case, in order to instantly fix this issue, please delete the file /var/cache/ddclient/ddclient.However, it doesn't work if your server is behind a router because the server only knows its Local Area Network (LAN) IP address.There is a configuration parameter called sets the location of the status page for that particular router containing the WAN IP address.

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