Radiocarbon dating and religion

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This, alone, should tell us something very important about today’s recognized scientific community.

Nevertheless, there is such a thing as a real scientist, and real science is still being done. Note well that, when modern scientists speak of cosmic distances between celestial objects, and the velocities at which such objects are moving toward or away from us, they stand on much firmer empirical evidences for their statements than when they are speaking of the age of an ancient bone fragment or fossilized leaf.

When the plant or animal dies no further isotope is absorbed and the beta radiation emission begins to gradually reduce to half strength, after the “half-life” of the isotope; 5,730 years in the case of C14.

Fortunately organic carbon is a constituent of all living material, and wood, bone, charcoal, peat, horn, and vegetable remains in soil can all be examined with sensitive Geiger counters, allowing for calculation of absolute age.

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The only way to do that is to listen very carefully to their words, and how they state their case.(If you don't have a mouse, you can't "hover" it over a link without clicking just to see the simple acronym interpretation.) Note: Saturday, October 06, 2012 As part of the ongoing effort to upgrade this whole website, upgraded this webpage to the new BB 2.0 - SBI!3.0 release and to make use of the new reusable code features.So, the now C14-incorporated carbon dioxide is breathed and absorbed into all carbon dioxide breathing plants, and then the plants are eaten by animals, and the C14 passes into animal tissues.Even carnivores that eat only animal tissue absorb C14 from that animal tissue.

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