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Like a lot of people in these situations, especially domestic violence victims, I thought that someone else’s bad behavior was the result of something I did. Thought for today: Today I will learn what dysfunctional dance steps I am doing and resist doing the same old thing that only leads to pain. So go over to the new blog and start the new threads!!!

Although I didn’t know that I didn’t know, I was programmed to do a dance of dysfunction and I knew the steps and the cheater/abuser knew the steps. I had to be told, verbatim, what to say when someone was manipulating me and abusing me and blaming me for things that were not my fault and threatening to do something they wouldn’t ever do. Today I will stop and think and when I am unsure of what to do, I will do nothing.

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In the years when I was putting up with abuse and infidelity, I was pretty sure it was my fault. I grew healthy and learned to march to my own drum and dance to my own tune. So at some point in the next two weeks, we will make the switch. PLEASE read registration threads before registering. Getting Past Your This blog will be closed to comments in a few hours.

And I learned new ways and I did new things and I learned to stop dancing and be healthy.

Something strange I have found from looking at boards and forums on the internet is that the subject of the relative height of the standard heterosexual male-female couple is brought up quite a few times.

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Of course, there are hundreds more applications, but at some point we must cut the cord and let you uncover more uses on your own.

Some tall men prefer their female partners to be petite and others like someone closer to their height to avoid neck pain when bending down for the kiss.

On a more fun note HERE is a tumblr blog which features pictures of couples where the height difference is reversed from the standard where the girl is taller than the guy.

The google search term I used to search with was “Couple Height Difference” and the results were amusing and slightly interesting.

Most of the results were to show me some of the crazy height differences between celebrities and other famous people from the website Frisky.com, Celeb Buzz.com, and other media websites.

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