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Ann then goes to Graham's place and joins Graham on the front porch, as they appear to be a couple.

The film was written by Steven Soderbergh in eight days on a yellow legal pad during a cross country trip (although, as Soderbergh points out in his DVD commentary track, he had been thinking about the film for a year).

Graham confesses that he is haunted by Elizabeth, and that his motivation in returning to Baton Rouge is an attempt to achieve some closure.

He is now a seeming drifter with some money saved up.Graham propositions Cynthia to make an interview tape, assuring her that no other person is allowed to see the tapes. Cynthia reports doing a videotape with Graham back to Ann, who is horrified.Later Cynthia also tells John about her videotape and he also reacts very negatively (though more than a little possessively).Ann insists on making a videotape, and Graham relents.Afterward at home, Ann then angrily demands a divorce from John.

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    Standing up for herself, saying no when she wants to, as well as recognizing and respecting others' limitations and boundaries are important lessons for Ma Harrison to learn.

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