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It's like, okay you just offended me now I'm going to have to put emphasis on how I feel about you. But what were you going to say prior to reading that? But I grew up in a practically all white town, very small and I was teased relentlessly for my hair and skin color. Then I get it from whites, because, well, I'm not white and sometimes ignorants have this idea that brown skinned people are stupid and low class. I'm glad you pointed that out because a lot of it isn't racism, it's favoritsm.I don't feel that label is meant for anyone who is White or Hispanic. That you do agree with the fact of how people are here comes off a bit narrow? And thanks for clarifying as I think others here would appreciate it too. After awhile I realized my thoughts were my own, not really everyone else's. Sometimes, blacks will call me a "sell out" or say I'm not really black. And THEN, I get it from both sides because I married a white guy. Apparently, there are not only people that hate blacks and whites and others, but hate you too if you are in a relationship with someone who doesn't match your skin color. And once I put all the junk aside in my head about race, I met some really wonderful people, including my husband. A lot of people including myself sometimes confuse the two.But I'll take that back, if I wait for others to stop focusing on it then I'll never stop focusing on it.Because they won't..their mind they still on that bullcrap.

I hate it when people say, "Well Obama got elected.I was damaged and I had to learn to try to put out kindness and good vibes to see the good in others. I really do not feel Denver is racist because there just isn't enough Black people out here for them to feel that way and it's not the proverbial confederate south either.However, one can favor one race (generally your own) over another in many aspects. All because you're ignorant and think that your race is more suitable than another.That does not mean that everything beyond that is going to be similar. I believe the way it works in Denver is this: The White guys are generally going to hook up with their White 'friends' quicker than Hispanic and quicker than Black.Hispanic guys are going to hook up with Hispanic guys faster than White and faster than Black.

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