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Russell Tanoue, in his late 40s, has found dating challenging simply because of the drawbacks of a highly public career in the Islands.

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Race is not the issue for Malia Yoshioka that it is for Conrad.“I’ve met nice people, but there were no connections.” She wants a long-term relationship and feels that many eligible men her age are already in them.That, and it’s harder to meet men once you’re not into club hopping, she says.Yoshioka, who posts on her food and travel blog in her spare time and has visited more than 20 countries, says that, while the local, laidback mentality has many pros, sometimes, when it comes to dating, it can be a con.“Guys here are shy,” she says, “and aren’t as adventurous.” Yoshioka says she’s looking for a partner who both understands and appreciates local culture but is also up for overseas traveling.

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