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If you're anything like my wife, things can be said or done that you wouldn't think could come out of a loving human being so small.Phrases like, "I hate you", "You weren't ready for marriage" and "I can't wait to go home" definitely pack a punch.If you're not passionate about your own individuality, how can you be a part of a power couple who supports each other when it's you two against the world? Typically, when this happens, the push-over is the one being taken advantage of.It's human nature to take your partner for granted at times, especially if they're willing to let you do it.Some would say it's the worst feeling in the world, but I beg to differ.In fact, I believe that being in the prime position, and then being demoted is far worse than being stuck in some petty friend zone.

Arguments can get deep fairly quickly, but the dialogue is necessary to get those feelings expressed so you can make things right.These are just some of the light things my wife would say to me when we didn't see eye to eye.Over time, I've learned not to take these things personally, and definitely not to add fuel to the fire on my end. The fact of the matter is, arguing is one of the most basic ways to communicate with your partner on both of your needs and wants.If you're being too nice (like I was in past relationships), then confrontation is your last resort.Not having a single argument sounds like the dream, but it can be interpreted in a different way.

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