Teen dating violence movies

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The story is hosted by a veteran team leader of a district attorney’s family crimes division and authenticated by current and former inmates.

All provide introspection and a candid, and sometimes disturbing look at harm that runs much deeper than visible physical scars.

Great DVD to watch with with your teenagers, especially those who are dating.Friends don't understand why it took years for both Kelly and Aisha to finally get out. Aisha finally calls it quits because of extreme violence and gets help through a teen theatre program. Therapists point out that it's often the woman who is questioned and blamed for staying in a relationship like this, not the male for his abusive behavior. ] The District Attorney of Westchester County outlines legal rights and shows what steps the system takes to protect victims.Teen members of the Dating Violence Intervention Program go to a Boston high school where they conduct a workshop on dating violence, exposing cultural and media stereotypes that contribute to abusive tendencies.After picking up her son from school, Maria pleads with him not to mimic the abusive behavior he sees at home.Fearing her son may fall victim to the cycle of abuse, Maria executes her safety plan in order to leave her abusive husband for good.

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