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By combining the two elements, she could use Wood Release to perform the Wood Release: Verdure Technique ( She was seen with Konohamaru, Udon Ise and Naruto Uzumaki before the start Chūnin Exams.She was kidnapped by an unknown ninja — Iruka in disguise to test Naruto — but she was ultimately saved. In the anime, just before the second phase of the Chūnin Exams commenced, she, Konohamaru, and Udon interviewed the participating genin.Afterwards, she meets with her teammates discussing what they should do about the invasion and how they could evacuate the villagers.

She also has a black bracelet on her left wrist and small ring earrings.

In the anime, it is shown that Moegi is present during Pain's Assault.

She is seen with Udon eating dango when she suddenly notices an explosion.

Moegi, now a genin, appears with the rest of Team Ebisu at the start of Part II, having returned from a mission of finding a lost cat in time to greet Naruto when he returned to the village.

She is later seen with the rest of her squad when Tsunade walks in saying she is giving them an S-rank mission by mistake.

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