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Brady was okay with the idea, but after Theresa went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, Nicole expressed reservations, reminding Brady that their connection was a problem for Theresa.Brady assured Nicole that Theresa had gotten over her insecurities and no longer minded seeing them together.

Maggie suggested that it might help if Brady paid Victor a visit sometime soon to make it clear that he still loved Victor and hadn't abandoned him.Confused, Belle said she had been under the impression that John had agreed to help Philip investigate Deimos.Philip complained that John had been blowing him off recently.Nicole still had concerns, but Theresa soon returned and continued to insist that the plan was perfect, so Nicole eventually agreed to go along with it.After reminding Theresa and Nicole that he needed a budget proposal from them as soon as possible, Brady headed to the hospital for a checkup. At the hospital, Brady told Fynn about the woman he had been dreaming about.

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