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and there'll be gold and purple pansies to look at . ." "But the rabbits has et up all the June lily bed," said Mrs.

I feel I haven't seen half enough of you and now you're going back day after tomorrow.

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"Look at those pointed firs coming out against it .

And it's wonderful to see the moon rising over the Haunted Wood again." "It looks like a great big piece of gold in the sky, doesn't it? Lynde, feeling that she was taking a wild, poetical flight and thankful that Marilla wasn't there to hear. and the birches in the hollow still holding their arms up to the silver sky.

unfading echoes of the old sweet life were all about her . She and Gilbert had come up for the funeral of his father and Anne had stayed for a week. Lynde had put a big, homey bouquet of spring flowers in it for her .

Anne always loved to come home to Avonlea even when, as now, the reason for her visit had been a sad one. Her old porch gable room was always kept for her and when Anne had gone to it the night of her arrival she found that Mrs. a bouquet that, when Anne buried her face in it, seemed to hold all the fragrance of unforgotten years.

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