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If you are not so concerned about IMAP but you want a great non-GUI mail client, then Pine's main competitor is Mutt.If you want a great IMAP client but you do not care whether it is console-based (non-GUI), then Mulberry, Sea Monkey Suite, and Thunderbird are Pine's main competitors. Some of the most vocal scorners of Pine are Mutt users.Unfortunately, many newsreaders, including tin, trn, and nn, include the Newsgroups header in a message that is sent only via email.Those newsreaders include this header in email for informational purposes only.When it comes to reporting you need to make informed decisions and take control of your Exchange migration project.

The product will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Because of this inconsistency in the interpretation of a Newsgroups header in an email messages, Pine 3.90 and 3.91 users sometimes responded publicly to a message that was sent only by email and intended to be private.

This caused all kinds of flamage to be unleashed on Pine.

About the Infinite Ink Pine Pages This page is an overview of Pine.

If you are looking for instructions for setting up and using Pine, the following Infinite Ink pages and sections may be especially useful to you.

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