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"I definitely don't feel it's something that I need to hide," she said."I don't feel ashamed of anything I'm doing." But it also has to do with the fact that sugar dating occupies a "grey area" between dating and commerce."As more and more women and men are willing to publicly declare their desire for such a relationship (via posting said desire on a website), more and more people have the opportunity to get up in arms [about it]," she told . In sugar dating, however, these pressures and expectations are consensually agreed upon beforehand — ideally, before a relationship even begins."I think it's definitely important to set that expectation on the first or second date, to just lay down what you're comfortable with and what your expectations are, and for them to lay out what their expectations are as well, so there isn't any confusion there," Jenna told .Cat, 20, was finishing her degree at hairdressing school when she heard about the sugar dating website Seeking Arrangement.

"Ideally, both people know what they're getting involved in."But it also tends to rankle a lot of people — especially because sex and money, two of the biggest taboos in our culture, are both involved.We're supposed to get nothing out of our lovers besides emotional support and emotional support is supposed to be free.If nothing else, sugar dating proves this idea dead wrong."There really should be no blurred lines as far as that goes."But what is perhaps most subversive about sugar dating is how closely it mirrors tropes that are hidden, if not explicitly discussed, in the mainstream dating world.In its purest form, sugar dating is a mutually beneficial arrangement: She gets money, he gets sex or some form of emotional intimacy.

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