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“I’m sure you look at this stuff all the time and hide it from me.” You blush and don’t bother trying to lie about it. You notice that he is getting pretty loose and casual about this whole porn business and you don’t like it. ” squeeks Sue, “I don’t know, I never thought about anything like that…Omigod, this one is super kinky. Sue looks down at his crotch and covers her mouth mockingly. Jimmy’s got a stiffy over her, babe,” she says looking at you and laughing. “Wait a minute, what do you guys do when looking at porn together? “Wow, the head is really purple,” she says softly to Bob.

“These guys supposedly pay couples so that they can fuck the girl on camera while the boyfriend watches,” says Jim. “Uh, they claim it is,” he says, shifting uncomfortably trying to hide the wood in his pants. “Let’s go,” But she doesn’t move, she just keeps staring.

You jump up nervously and start pacing the room, unsure what to do.

“He really did it,” she says looking at you guiltily.

by Gustav Jorgenson You and your girl go over to your friend’s house to hang out one Saturday night. So none of the women have implants on that site, then? You storm back into the room “Sue, let’s go right now, I mean it.” She is just watching in fascination, looking back and forth between Jim and Bob as they jerk off to the porn on the screen in her lap. You are about to intervene physically when Bob gets up and blocks your way.

As you walk into their living room, two of your friends, Jim and Bob are looking at something on Jim’s laptop and laughing. I am just curious…” she trails off as she starts clicking around on the laptop. yep, looks like some porn action going on,” Bob just shrugs and sits back to look at the screen. “Oh, come on, you might as well hang out at this point,” smiles Sue. “Honey, I can see that you have a raging hard on right now,” says Sue, wrapping her fingers around Jim’s cock. This kinky shit is turning you on too,” She starts pulling on Jim’s cock. He’s a little taller and heavier than you and he wrestled in high school, so you aren’t sure you could take him.

“Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with this situation? “Can someone tell me why my girlfriend is looking at porn with my buddies over there? “Holy shit, that’s really raunchy,” laughs Sue, gazing at the screen with interest. ” “Yeah, it’s pretty hot,” admits Jim, “What do you think? This girl is sucking one guy off and another boinks her from behind while her boyfriend watches. “Yeah, that’s sort of the point of porn, duh,” you say sulkily. ” she says cheekily, turning to look at Bob’s crotch. ” Sue blushes furiously and punches him awkwardly on the shoulder. Do you whip out your things and jerk off in front of each other? “This is going too far.” “Calm down,” chides Sue looking at you sternly. “Yeah, it gets that way,” he says gruffly as he works his tool. ” “You are such a big baby,” laughs Sue devilishly. Mmm, you know you wanna start spanking that monkey when you see those bad boys.” Bob glances at you once nervously then turns to Sue. I’ll do it,” he unzips his fly and his cock pops right out of his pants.I mean it looks like they are going pretty fast there.” “You want to practice on me? “Yeah, let’s do XXXProposal,” says Jim, standing up and poking his dick into Sue’s ear. My boyfriend is gonna freak,” squeals Sue, pushing Jim’s cock aside but leaving her hand on it. But I am not gonna let you drag her out of here against her will.” You back off and pace around the room, frustrated but unsure of what to do. He has his hand on her head and is smiling broadly.Includes vivid information on how to handle relationships with homosexuals. Although avid might not be strong enough sometimes.

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