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Psychological help is necessary, and the goal is to make them realise that their ‘affairs’ as they might see them are actually damaging the younger victim.“It’s important they see they’re still a child and vulnerable,” stresses Dr Hetherton.

A 2009 study found up to 64,000 women in the UK are ‘child-sex offenders’, though it’s estimated there are just hundreds in jails as opposed to thousands of male sex offenders.Women are very into the idea of the big romance and if they think it’s reciprocated they can put it into their heads as, it’s a big love story.That’s something women are particularly vulnerable to.” It explains why these women offend.“Some are very attractive and you think, you can get a man your own age, what are you doing?But it’s about having a connection with that person.” It means that this type of ‘teacher-lover’ doesn’t always have deep-rooted mental issues. Donald Findlater, director of research at the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, which researches sex abuse, estimates that 10 to 15 per cent of adults will have occasional sexual interest in a teenager.

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