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It wasn’t until the 17th and 18th centuries that the pasty was adopted by miners and farm workers in Cornwall as a means for providing themselves with easy, tasty and sustaining meals while they worked. The wives of Cornish tin miners would lovingly prepare these all-in-one meals to provide sustenance for their spouses during their gruelling days down the dark, damp mines, working at such depths it wasn’t possible for them to surface at lunchtime.A typical pasty is simply a filling of choice sealed within a circle of pastry, one edge crimped into a thick crust .Amongst the most superstitious of Cornish fisherman, even having a pasty on board their ship was believed to bring bad tidings!This belief is thought to have been started by the Cornish tin mining families who didn’t want their ingenious pasty invention to be adopted by the fishing trade.

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The Cornish Pasty Association – Protecting the Cornish Pasty.However, there is agreement that the meat should be chopped (not necessarily minced), the vegetables sliced and none should be cooked before they are sealed within the pastry.It is this that makes the Cornish pasty different from other similar foods.Filling ideas are endless however, and can be as diverse as your taste will take you.There is much debate as to whether the ingredients should be mixed together before they are put in the pasty or lined up on the pastry in a certain order, with pastry partitions.

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