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Carol had some pretty bald faced good reasons to be with a younger guy.

The tables were turned, it seemed, on traditional relationships.

“I always think of what my life would have been like if I had had a relationship at an early age with an enabler, instead of a daddy-type or corporate glyph.” Carol had too many relationships that did not make her happy to let another one commence without having some ground rules.

After their first argument, Carol went to bed and asked if they could talk about it in the morning. His old girlfriend, Carol explained, would have been huddled in the bathroom with her mom, dad, sister, or college roommate on her cell phone for hours. I always wanted more stability in the home life but it was always touch and go every day with the big man’s job or career. Carol learned that a lot of her hard-won experience in relationships paid off with a younger guy.

When his job got cut to part-time Carol shrugged and rearranged the chores. His friends can’t sabotage the relationship because it’s out of their peer group.

Maybe he didn’t have all the tools to work out a disagreement. “The Midlife Crisis is so much farther away for these younger guys, They are much calmer”.

There is no business priority outweighing our time together, unless I put it there.” Caril recalled her boyfriends having high-priced toys sitting in storage while she budgeted pennies.

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“Don’t let your guard down, don’t let your feeling hurt, don’t be disrespected.He had lost all his money in investments and these fears governed their entire combined money matters and leisure life. “It was like a timer was on the relationship with money attached to it”. In terms of time and management, it’s worth it to me.In her current relationship, Carol manages the money, to a point. Our play time is in the clear, not paid for on credit or spent hiding from obligations.” Carol also cites better R & R.An older guy is immediately threatened by that, because he hinges all his superiority on being able to do more, even when he can’t.” According to Carol, younger guys have grown up in a world where women doing more, earning, being more, is commonplace.They accept that a women can be competent in areas that they are not.

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