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And he called this woman “Miss Piggy.” Then he called her “Miss Housekeeping,” because she was Latina. It should come as no surprise that celebrity nude photographs and sex videos drive major traffic on the Internet.But when legitimate photographs or videos are not available, hoaxsters often resort to creating their own. I went in there and did it, and it was just like any other audition. At the end, they ended up only sending my tapes to the network and I was the only one that tested for Veronica, and then I got it. I just graduated college, too, so I was really anxious about working.

It was two weeks of the same thing, and I was losing my mind, unable to sleep.

COLE SPROUSE: It was funny, I was given Archie to read, at first.

Before I auditioned, there was a scene that he does with Jughead, and I wasn’t too familiar with the characters, at that point. We didn’t talk ‘cause there were a bunch of people there.

So, I did about five auditions afterwards, with the chain of command, and each one was me consistently removing the other people. I read with a couple of the guys who were auditioning for Archie, but I didn’t get to read with K. Actually, I had seen Cole at the studio test, as well, but we didn’t interact, at all. [Apa] wasn’t there ‘cause they were still working on Archie. As they got the roles, I knew who they were talking about ‘cause I had interacted with them before.

It felt like playing Pokémon, and not really like an audition process. But then, at the network test, it was me, another option for Betty, Camila, another option for Veronica, and Cole and another option for Jughead. I was sitting close to Camila and I was like, “Wow, this girl looks like the one.” Once I got the role, I chemistry read with K.

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