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Today, we are bringing World Connect, one of our most valued features, back online.

As we make World Connect available, it will initially be in a read only state.

Right now, the best way for us to meet both goals is to begin bringing portions of Roots Web back online in a read-only state.

This means you will have access to content, but you will not be able to load new content in these sections.

Also, here are answers to a few questions we’ve heard from the community: Why is this taking so long?

Roots Web has many terabytes of data uploaded by users across its various features.

Here’s our current plan: Hosted Web Sites: Soon we will begin bringing Hosted Web Sites back online.

We will start with a few hundred and then add more over time, giving us a chance to scan the content.

We expect to add this additional functionality in the coming weeks.

We could tell that they were his fans because they all looked just like Eminem, so that was weird …

At a festival like Lollapalooza the first few rows are the only people you can really see because it all goes by so fast.

We plan to make the archives available to you once we have World Connect available to you in a readable version.

We will be making decisions about other functionality over time.

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