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But that all changed (after 8 long years of searching) when he discovered, and experienced first-hand, the health-rejuvenating power of adding the right green superfoods into the diet.

Since then, his health has transformed in a way he never thought possible.

I’ve tried other greens but hands-down Yuri’s are my favorite.” Energy Greens won’t replace eating a healthy balanced diet but simply adding one scoop to a glass of water OR your favorite green smoothie in the morning and/or mid-afternoon can fill in the gaps, helping you enjoy benefits like these: The blood purifying power of our deep, dark greens improves the health of your blood, making oxygen delivery throughout your body effortless.

The more oxygen your cells receive, the more readily they can produce lasting energy.

The author was legally ordained as a Priest of the Goddess Isis in 2002 by the Rt. Lady Loreon Vigne, Arch Priestess of Temple of Isis California, a state and federally recognized church founded to honor the Divine Feminine as embodied in the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

He was also ordained as a Priest of the Goddess Sekhmet in the Fellowship of Isis by Lady Olivia Robertson.

Across the Gulf Coast region, more than one million people were displaced.

All of this was a result of polluting his body for years with acidic, nutrient-void, inflammatory foods that wreaked havoc on his health.

But I’m glad I did because the taste is very nice and at 80 years old I have more energy than ever with just one glass each morning.

“I have been using the Energy Greens in my midday protein shakes for the past 2 weeks and the taste blends in well with both the vanilla and the chocolate.

As your body goes from acidic, inflamed, and stressed, your metabolism begins to reset itself.

This allows your hormones to work as they’re intended to.

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