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And again, all this seems like a solid game plan……..provided you’re married by age 25.

It’s just – what about the rest of us for whom that cutoff point passes, and we’re still single?

For those of us who have grown up in the church, probably the cardinal rule of dating that is hammered home again and again and AGAIN is to never date an unbeliever.

This is because if you date an unbeliever, you will have premarital sex, never go to church again, and basically ruin the rest of your life.

Of course I’m exaggerating, but I really have found that the expectations and judgements that are made on Christian first dates are quite extreme.

I really don’t think you can accurately assess anyone’s leadership or provider or parenting potential the first time you go out with them.

(You can tell if you attend such a church, because if you mention a young man to the women at church, the first or second thing they will ask about him is if he is a Christian. It sounds like CO Springs has a pretty great Christian singles dating scene. Just kidding, of course…but I’ve been a little discouraged this weekend.

These people don’t see the harm in going out with someone because it’s Just A Date, and Just A Dates don’t have a lot of big-picture significance. Plus, if you start to get a reputation for saying no to those who ask, eventually NO ONE will ask.I don’t know how I’ll get to marriage someday (something I highly value, study and prepare for, desire, respect, etc.) if I can’t even get to a first date.I suppose I’ll keep asking God to work a miracle, because I think that may be what it will take!You know this guy is out there, because God is writing your love story and you are using this season of singleness to fall in love with Jesus even more in anticipation of the spiritually appointed meeting of this young man, who is also using this season of singleness to grow into the strong, faithful leader that God intends him to be.Sure, you’re frustrated because the guys in your youth group seem immature and only interested in the popular girls (which you are not one of), but you can hold out, because you can’t imagine your life beyond age 25 and by then you’ll surely be married.

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