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The research at the Institute is progressing in collaboration with scientists from the USA, Germany, Korea, France, China, Israel, Japan, Mongolia, Poland, Denmark, and Belgium.

Since long the Institute has been training competent scientific brain power: for all the years the number of Candidates of Science (Ph.

The Institute was founded in 1957 and originally named Irkutsk Institute of Organic Chemistry. Shostakovsky, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences; 1970-1994 M. The Institute continues basic research into the structure and chemical behavior of complex organic and hetero-organic molecules, and on the design of substances with predetermined properties.

It was renamed to Irkutsk Institute of Chemistry in 1997 and to its current title in 2000. New fundamental chemical reactions have been discovered. The first one is the reaction of ketoximes with acetylene, and the other one is the reaction of elemental sulfur with arylhaloalkanes.

D) and Doctors of Science bred up in the Institute has reached 400, and exceeded 70, respectively.

Now that the Institute strengthens its invariable focus on chemistry in the interest of man (medicinal chemistry, ecological aspects, wood chemistry, chemistry of natural compounds extracted from Siberian endemic plants, synthesis of fragrant compounds of natural origin such as citral and its analogs, synthesis of Radiola rosa active principles, direct vinylation of sugars, cellulose and lignin with acetylene, epoxidation and amination of lignin-containing waste of pulp-and paper mills, modifications of alkaloids, steroids, and natural polymers, synthesis of biostimulators and adaptogens), the efforts aimed at the creation of new drugs are a first priority in the spectrum of investigations carried out at Irl Ch.

In 2006, in Moscow the presentation of the Acyzole drug was made by pharmaceutical company Makiz-Farma Ltd. Efficient carbon monoxide antidote Acyzole, and the currently popular capillary protector Diquertine (Dehydroquercitine) are among Russias original brands worked out through collaboration of the Russian Academy of Sciences with medical workers.

Also, the Institute is doing work on deep processing of wood, and on the synthesis of multifunctional biocomposites (including with the use of natural compounds), with a controlled complex of magnetic, optical, catalytic and biologically active properties.

Therefore, the Institute has prioneered the investigations related to the development of lignin-based epoxy resins, and engineering plastic as well as lingo-mineral fertilizers.New processes and technologies, and commercially valuable products and materials such as drugs, environmentally-friendly pesticides, plant-growth regulators, polymers, fragrant and flavor compounds, sorbents, complex forming agents, ion exchangers and scavengers, agents for extraction of metals and pollutants, corrosion inhibitors, fuel and oil modifying additives, materials for new-generation microelectronics and lithium accumulators, and fuel cells, energy-rich substances for rocket fuels, etc. Among the original innovative technologies, the following deserve mention: direct acetylene-based vinylation and ethynylation in the presence of superbase catalysts (synthesis of new monomers and starting compounds for the preparation of fragrant substances and vitamins), anchor epoxidation (manufacture of highly pure compounds and glues for use in microelectronics), catalytic carbonylation of acetylene with CO with retention of the triple bond (synthesis of vitamin analogs and natural antibiotics), the worlds first industrial synthesis of indole from cyclohexanone oxime (semiproduct in the production of caprolactam) and acetylene, new avenues for the formation of siloxane structures, metal complex-catalyzed hydrosilylation, organotin synthesis of carbo- and heterocyclic systems, and deep sulfurization of polymers.The novelty, originality, and practical focus of research are proved by the convincing number of Inventor's Certificates and patents - over 1500 to date.Otherwise, check in can be granted at 12am (noon) 3.Check Out Check out is at 12pm (noon) and guests must hand the keys back to reception. Cancellation Policy The cancellation policy is 48 hours.

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