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Their children were William III, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Hannah (who married Nathaniel Macon in 1783), and Kemp (namesake of an uncle who had been a major in the French and Indian War).

" class="caption" longdesc="https://archive.org/stream/kaleidoscope1900hamp#page/41/mode/1up" src="/sites/default/files/images_bio/Plummer_Kemp_Kaleidoscope_1900_IA.jpg" style="width: 200px; height: 252px; float: right;" title="Illustration of Kemp Plummer, from biographical essay in the Hampden-Sydney College (Virginia) Kaleidoscope, 1906, p. Kemp's father, William II, moved to Gloucester County and married Mary Hayes.

As a lawyer Kemp Plummer practiced in all the counties surrounding Warren, becoming immensely popular with his clients and associates.

He was known as "the honest lawyer." His singing and story-telling abilities, his generosity, and his convivial disposition attracted all classes.

William II died in 1774, and about 1778 Mary Hayes Plummer moved her family to North Carolina.

" /Kemp Plummer, host, lawyer, and political leader, was a native of the Mobjack Bay area of Gloucester County, Va. His grandfather, William Plummer I, emigrated from England early in the eighteenth century and settled in Middlesex County, Va., where he married Elizabeth (Betsy) Kemp, descendant of Richard Kemp, deputy governor of Virginia for a year (1644–45).

Kemp Plummer attended Hampden-Sydney College, graduating with the first class to receive diplomas from that new school in 1786.

The hospitality of the Plummer home drew friends from far and wide; the dinner parties and balls were legendary in the upper Roanoke area.

By 1815 Plummer had become a dominant spirit in the "Warren Junto," the close-knit collection of politicians who lived in and around Warrenton.

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