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I am not strict by any means but I’m pretty happy in my relationship with the big guy upstairs and that’s good enough for me.I think a growing number of modern Muslims experience something synonymous in terms of their relationship with Islam.There is a clearly defined and unfaltering respect there, but quite a liberal approach in terms of everyday observance.

I am a British born, Pakistani, Muslim woman and, if you are anything like me, you will know that these are three incredibly complex states of being to juggle in unison and, short of one being a multi-limbed octopus lady, can rarely be satisfied fully at one time.In the first in a series of posts for e Harmony, she explores how dating doesn’t have to mean compromising your beliefs. For those of you that don’t know me, I am The Imposter.I am a small, loud, brown lady who writes a comedy blog about love, life, dating and relationships and how this entwines with my cultural and religious identity.Often in my life, I have found difficulty in trying to satisfy all three strands of my religious and cultural identity, particularly when it came to the opposite sex.As a British woman, it seemed perfectly natural to want to explore my curiosities and fascinations with the world of boys.

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