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To access the classic fields and controls, you need to click on the tools folder button.

Such online forms can also be printed forms to be filled out by hand or on a typewriter.Getting a Word-printed form to look exactly like the pre-printed form can be very difficult because the fonts and spacing options are different.Probably the simplest way to mimic a paper form is to scan it in a high-resolution scan (at least 600 dpi) and use that as the basis for your document. (Insert | Picture | From file) (Select the option to link rather than insert or insert and link.) Right-click on the image and select Format Picture.Starting with Word 2013, performance of legacy form fields has degraded.MVP Graham Mayor has provided a utility to convert legacy form fields to content controls. I would advise not using legacy form fields unless you must. Lets take a look at each of these possibilities although not necessarily in that order.

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