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While not every guy gets laid in Rio, it’s very hard not to if you put in some effort.

Or at least the idea of what Brazil is all about: Beaches, rainforests, beautiful people, blue macaws, caipirinhas, Carnaval and soccer. Brazilians’ boundaries obviously include body contact, and babies are no exception.

To mentally prepare you for the affront on your American sensibilities, Thrillist has compiled a list of 16 Brazilian idiosyncrasies that rub Americans the wrong way — including literally rubbing them. Depending on which state you’re in, every encounter begins and ends with one to three cheek kisses. Furthermore, Brazilians use touching like punctuation while engaged in conversation. But they’re definitely a bigger thing in Brazil than most Americans are used to.

They are more friendly, they makeout super quick, and give less resistance to the bedroom. If you go to the rich and snobby clubs then it may actually be harder. Because it takes time to find good places, a gringo visiting for a short stay may miss out on the “friendlier” girls. I shouldn’t have to say it but approaching is still the number one thing you do to help yourself out here.

While there is zero guarantee you will get action when you go out, you’re a huge idiot if you go out at night without cheap motel money and a condom or three. Just like anywhere else, the girls who approach you outright will be ones you don’t want. Until Brazil I’ve never in my life had a very pretty girl ask to spend the night with her a couple hours after meeting.

Yes, it can help to be fit, funny, brilliant, and rich when trying to meet Brazilian women, but those attributes are essentially icing on the cake. These stunning Brazil babes want what every other woman wants from a boyfriend or husband: Someone who is honest, compassionate, reliable, hard-working, intelligent, funny, kind, and successful.

Yes, there has to be some chemistry, but Brazilian women are looking for something that is hard to find in Rio or Sao Paulo - a guy who is not obsessed with his own ego, honor, and standing in the eyes of his friends.

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