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A driver is a program that is able to control a device that is connected to your computer.These drivers are used by the operating system to enable it to communicate with the particular device the driver was made for.If none of these apply, email [email protected] more specific advice.In all cases, additional information can be found in the Installation & Setup Manual on the Mascot 2.6 program disk (manual.pdf).

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After clicking on the ( ) sign, the category will open listing the devices that are installed on your computer that fall under this category of hardware.The easiest way to find a updated driver is to check the manufacturer’s web site.This will ensure you have the latest and most up-to-date drivers available for your device.Therefore you would want to download and install the driver created by the hardware manufacturer so that Windows understands how to use these special features.Also as time goes by, hardware manufacturers release new versions of their drivers to fix bugs, increase performance, increase stability on your computer, or add new features.

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