Fish out of water dating

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The 40-year Old Virgin was a comedy because of the absurdity that anyone could possibly be 41 years old and a virgin to boot.

Well, it’s not so funny when you’re getting close to that age and it’s actually your life.

Seriously, I was probably about eight years old and I’d dance around the house singing these lyrics from Haley Mills in ‘Summer Magic.’When I headed off to school in Provo, I was ready to date using my tips from Disney.

That changed quickly as I saw scores of women using these same strategies…primping hair and makeup for their early morning trip to the gym, taking that difficult business class with hopes of meeting a smart guy, enrolling in elementary education to show guys that they are nurturing to children.

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I remember inviting my roommate to the ward Halloween activity, to which she responded, “Why would I go to that? I put my head in my books and did what I came to do…I got my degree. Later I moved on to the dating scene of a popular singles ward in the Bay Area…in many ways, it seemed to be the polar opposite of the Y.Sure, maybe this was the "perfect” person, but how perfect can this person be if he or she failed to see the greatness within you?Find someone whom will appreciate you, will stick by your side and will never give you doubts about leaving.“I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight.“You should totally tell her, man…’Cause I watched this movie called, Liar, Liar and the message was ‘Don’t lie’ …And that was a smart movie.” This overly simple, yet HUGE question from the movie hits way too close to my own experience to be funny. I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’ve been virtuous and loyal to my beliefs.

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    We talked for about 15 minutes, had a good chuckle about the ridiculousness of the "perfect match" and that was all.

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    We have been together every weekend since and were engaged this past Valentine’s Day.

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