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ISO 13065 aims to promote the sustainable production and use of bioenergy, and, in so doing, enable users to identify areas for continual improvement.” ISO 13065 provides a harmonized approach on sustainability criteria rather than providing threshold values.

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There is a pretty good dynamic with tight supply and good demand, so I think that as long as that stays, then we are in good shape,” he said. Its position in the top tier of the FTSE comes only six years after the company was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and had to undertake an emergency rights issue in March 2009.

Mitigating climate change and improving energy supply security are key drivers for bioenergy, according to the leadership team of ISO project committee ISO/PC 248, that developed the new standard.

“With virtually every country in the world producing and consuming some form of bioenergy, strict environmental and social safeguards are needed for the sustainable production of bioenergy and biofuels.

Asian equities have continued their strong performance this year, making a decade high this week, as economic conditions in the region improve while valuations remain attractive relative to developed markets.

The region has become almost a 'safe-haven', with stable and reform-focused governments in the main economies of the region such as China, India and Indonesia.

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