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Lum’s inspiration for his app is likely familiar to anyone who spent time on Facebook or Twitter in the past year.Lum said that friends on both sides of the ideological spectrum, trapped in their own bubbles, rarely questioned their own political beliefs and railed against those of others.Read Across the Aisle’s developers also consulted the app’s early users and Kickstarter backers, who helped crowdsource the ratings by placing the news sources on an ideological spectrum.“These sources were pretty consistent with each other.

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It’s in many ways the digital equivalent of the “great sorting,” the idea coined by Bill Bishop that more people are clustering into like-minded groups, creating a less connected, more polarized society.Lum argued that the filter bubble problem needs to be fixed before people are able to have the right kinds of conversations about bigger topics like healthcare and education.“We can’t fix those things if we aren’t listening to what the other side is saying,” he said.While Read Across the Aisle’s developers don’t expect the app to reverse the filter bubble problem, the hope is that it will have some effects on the margins.“If we can take the people who are using the app, expose them to new ideas, and turn them into lighthouses within their own social media bubbles,” said Lum, “we’ll start to break down walls as people understand the other side, even if they disagree with the actual policy goals.” .

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