Shaun robinson dating ruler of arab emirates

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See abstract: Donnelly MA, "Archaeological and Geographical Evidence for the Voyage of Wenamun," @2004, Carthaginian sailor and explorer Hanno of Carthage sailed the coast of West Africa around 500 BCE.Hieratic papyrus dated to 1130 BCE indicates that an Egyptian priest could have traveled to Cairo and then across the Mediterranean to Lebanon to buy cedar for the Amun-Ra temple at Karnak. See Benjamin Sass (Tel Aviv University), "Wenamun and His Levant-1075 BC or 925 BC? Early guide book written by a Greek speaking Egyptian merchant (50 CE).See also "India Through Foreign Eyes," Kamat's potpourri, last updated 1/2/2012.

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Standing somewhat alongside all these categories, yet outside them, are the travel writers visiting, pontificating, and marveling over ruins and monuments, worshipping past events, from the dead, such as Ozymandius, What follows is an aid to students and scholars identifying on-line accessible travel writers and travel narrative resources by era.Chinese scholar Fa-Hein's primary source travel accounts from 399-414 CE of India.See also "India Through Foreign Eyes," Kamat's potpourri, last updated 1/11/2013.See map of trade routes and monsoon patterns discussed in the Periplus.This travel guide is from a translation by William H. For full commentary see Lionel Casson, "The Periplus Maris Erythraei: Text with Introduction, Translations, and Commentary, Princeton, N. Some of the most stunning accounts of ancient India are provided by the visiting foreigners (see also: India though the eyes of foreign travelers): Wikipedia.

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