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And not only is writing tedious code uninteresting and boring, but it's also a recipe for bugs.If you find yourself cutting and pasting code you might forget to change a table or column name in the SQL syntax of the pasted code, or you might forget that for the pasted code you need to handle NULL data differently than before. NET 2.0 introduces a new class of server controls—the data source controls., you can use that Web site and go to the next section. One of the most common tasks Web developers face is working with data.Through the Advanced Options button you will find options to create not only a SELECT statement to retrieve data, but INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements as well.(We'll examine creating INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements later on in this article.) Figure 2 The last step of the wizard allows you to run the SELECT statement specified against the data store to see what data, exactly, is returned.NET pages that touch the modified parts of the data store.

The downside of this approach is that it tightly binds the details of the data store to the ASP. If your database's underlying schema changes you'll have to modify all ASP.

You can either select a table or view from the drop-down, picking the fields you want returned, or you can provide your own SQL statement or stored procedure name to call.

From this pane you can also specify a WHERE condition to limit the returned data, as well as indicate how the retrieved data should be ordered.

These controls encapsulate data from varying data stores and can be configured entirely using a declarative syntax, meaning that to access data in ASP. (Of course you can still access and modify data stores programmatically with ASP. NET 1.x.) The main data source controls that you'll find yourself working with in conjunction with the Grid View are: In a moment we'll look at using these Data Sources to access data.

But before we do, realize that when displaying data on a Web page, accessing the data is only one part of the puzzle. Next, you'll need to specify what data the Grid View should display.

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