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Not only is such “internet” lingo childish and immature, reflecting badly on you, but it’s a massive eye sore for those who take out the time to type out their sentences with proper structure, punctuations and formatting. When it comes to how to piss someone off on text, nothing hurts people’s egos than having their messages being kept on “read”.It shows that you read the message, but didn’t have enough courtesy to inform them that you’re too busy to respond later.

And when they confront, come up with lame ass excuses like“Oh, someone came at the door and I forgot to check my phone after that.”“I had been meaning to reply, but another friend texted me with this juicy piece of gossip and I totally couldn’t help myself from talking to her.”They are sure to get the hint sooner or later.

Complaints are popping up from users who are being told by Facebook that "your conversations are moving to Messenger." Some Android users are even finding themselves automatically redirected to the download link on the Google Play store when they try and view their messages on the mobile site.

Chat slang is a method of typing long words and phrases as short one-to-four letter words and is also used by people who have difficulties spelling.

Users of the regular Facebook mobile app were shunted over to Facebook Messenger to access their chats a while ago.

Now, folk who access the service on their phone's Web browsers, or via third-party apps such as Tinfoil or Metal, are beginning to find that they can no longer view their messages.

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