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As of 2009, the New York Metropolitan Area consisting of New York City and adjacent areas within the state of New York as well as nearby areas within the states of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, was home to approximately 600,000 Indian Americans, comprising by far the largest Indian American population of any metropolitan area in the United States.Among metropolitan areas with significant Indian American population are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington/Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, North Carolina and Atlanta.

They have as a result began taking advantage of large number of dating services and dating websites, many of which like e either cater to specific ethnic groups or like Indian and Indian which particularly target Indian American singles.The campus has thus emerged as another fertile ground for Indian Americans looking for dating partners.Here second and third generation Indian Americans share the same geographical space as those newly arriving from India on scholarships or fellowships.This paved the way for further immigration under family re-unification programs and restored to Indian Americans the right to be counted as naturalized citizens of the United States.Academicians formed the majority of skilled Indian migrants to the US till the 1980s when California’s Silicon Valley witnessed a wave of young software professionals and bright entrepreneurs from India eager to make their mark in the land of opportunities.

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