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I wish I could have asked him how much Kinder chocolate he has to throw Juegos is not the only channel devoted to surprise eggs — far from it.There seem to be dozens and dozens, maybe even hundreds.are foil-wrapped sweets with tiny licensed toys inside. I never see his face, only his hands very close up.He casts his hands over the seated and waiting eggs and settles on one. Every facet of the foil wrap glitters, pastel cartoon pony faces whorled in metallic.

The force that drives surprise-egg videos can’t be that different from the market for “unboxing” videos for grown-ups — the millions of channels devoted to unpacking fancy electronics, to breathless whispering about the smooth faces and sensitive nodes of various devices.With so many views — for comparison, Justin Bieber’s official channel has more than 10 billion views, while full-time You Tube celebrity Pew Die Pie has nearly 12 billion — it’s likely this man makes a living as a pair of gently murmuring hands that unwrap Kinder I wanted to know; by this point I was weirdly titillated at the idea of a real conversation with a man I’ve only heard repeat things like “Mickey Chocolate Egg” and “Fashems Num Noms” to distraction.But when I asked him for an interview, he said he wasn’t interested.This weekend The Loving Touch will be host to a two day festival called Secret Friends Fest.This fest is a much needed break from the monotony of winter, as well as an excuse to head out to Ferndale and have some fun with your friends.

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