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19-year-old singer Talia Storm is turning to the Celebrity Dating Agency to help her find a man with manners.

Will anyone be worthy of the Queen of Essex's affections?

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With this knowledge of how stars of different masses evolve, astronomers can determine the age of a given cluster.By clicking on the graph you can watch the evolution of a cluster as it ages; note that the hotter, more luminous stars are the first to move away from the main sequence line.This gives an idea of what a plot of young cluster looks like compared to an older cluster.Modified from National Optical Astronomy Observatory's lesson Jewels of the Night in order to emphasize how graphs can help scientists to interpret and share their data.Author: Lisé Whitfield Overview: In this lesson students will explore and discuss how classification and graphing are used by astronomers to determine the age of star clusters.

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    Delta has teamed up with Coca-Cola to turn all the tray tables on one of its 767 airliners into a mid-air "art gallery." The airline invited 12 artists, including Noma Bar, Paola Gracey, Will Bryant and Pedro Campiche, to create artworks inspired by some of the airline's most popular destinations, including Amsterdam, Atlanta, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York City, Paris, Sao Paolo, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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    Non floddare, ossia, non ripetere più volte le frasi scritte. Non violare un nessun modo la privacy altrui, non tracrivere in pubblico i propri dati personali quali indirizzo o numero di telefono.

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    Meanwhile, Tricia treats a manic depressive who deals with his demons by walking onto railway lines, whilst Mike decides to sit his sergeants exam when he comes across an old friend whose career has been a lot more ambitious than his.

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    Interview excerpts: What are your criteria for selecting a film? The script should be somewhat unconventional; that's how I get engaged in a film.

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