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The officer's first task will be to contact the employer to secure a list of all employees in the unit on the date the Board received the union's application.This information is usually obtained by examining the employer's payroll records for that date.If the union’s evidence shows that at least 45 percent of the employees are members in good standing, the Board will order a representation vote.Unless the balloting is conducted by mail, the representation vote must take place within 10 days of the application for certification.In order to make that determination, the Board must specify which employees should be covered by the certification.

The officer will review the membership cards produced by the union in support of its application.The Board has the exclusive authority to make that determination.The Board usually determines the appropriate bargaining unit before it can decide whether or not the union has the support of a majority of the employees in that unit.These cards are checked as part of the Board's investigation of certification applications which is described below.Employees have the option of revoking their membership in the union on or before the date the union makes an application for certification to the Board.

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